Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quit The Hatin...You cray cray too

East Tennessee gets a lot of national love. And I'm being sarcastic. First the infamous butt-chugging incident, if you don't know about that you can learn HERE. That was one ridiculous ordeal that made it all the way to The Soup with Joel McHale. I have mixed thoughts on all of that because I think how dangerous and irresponsible doing something like that is just so you can be considered cool with your frat bros.......ugh.

Well now, we are back on top. Some of you may have seen this new YouTube video that a husband filmed with his phone of his wife throwing a temper tantrum over a disagreement about going to the lake. He did this without her knowledge and apparently they are in the midst of a divorce. If you want to view the video you can just search "wife temper tantrum". I'm not going to post it here. It was on Chelsea Lately this week.

My Facebook has blown up with people's opinions on this. Mostly guys of course, with comments like "wow this is why I'm single" and other things degrading this woman. (pretty sure most people who say they "choose" to be single are just getting used to the idea that it was chosen for them) Yes she is acting ridiculous over what seems to be a silly problem. BUT haven't we all acted stupid over something at some point in our lives? I'll be the first to admit I have. And I sure as heck wouldn't want it on camera.

Don't forget he filmed this without her knowledge in their car which is a private place and a private fight between a husband and wife. It's not like she threw this fit in the middle of Target. Also, he makes sure to not show his face. Did he forget that he chose to marry her? No one forced him.

So before you judge this woman think about how you've acted irrationally and how people would react to you if you were on camera without your knowledge.

And just so we're clear if my husband ever humiliated me like this I'd be pullin a Lorena Bobbitt...just sayin.

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  1. Oh my gosh what a tool. Either she wasn't that way whent they got married and his blatant disrespect drove her to insanity, or she WAS that way and he married her knowing full-well what he was getting into. Either way-- HIS FAULT!!

  2. that video is insane! it's very clear that a trip to the lake was not truly her issue. it's prob just the last straw that set her off. she could probably press charges on him for filming her and putting online.

    1. If she can press charges I think she should! It really irks me that it seems to be only guys talking about how "crazy" she is. Everybody can be crazy it just takes the right or wrong person to bring it out in them!

  3. Agree agree agree!
    There is no telling what the husband in this saga has done to drive the woman insane as well.... I am SURE there is more to this tantrum throwing than we are seeing... More behind it...
    If the man in this relationship is willing to film and show this fight - then he has probably done some studid shiz.................