Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Highlighting and Contouring: A Memoir

Highlighting and contouring is all the rage, all over Pinterest. Kim Kardashian is a big fan in fact you've probably seen this picture..

That ring though....

Looks so easy right? This picture even shows you how hideous and ugly you are without contouring

SO...me being the follow the trends kinda gal that I am and wanting to be just like Kim K. I decided to tackle this fantastic looking way to do your make up.......I mean if it can make you look THAT good....

I researched the best products and headed to Dollar General, if they didn't have exactly what was called for I improvised

No DG at the DG

For when I'm not walking the runways

I went to contourin and highlightin and followed exactly what North West's mom did

I was pretty happy with the results, I mean I was a beginner and I was feeling flawless

I finished getting ready, was gonna head out the door and realized I was running ahead of time.......Yes!! I can fit a selfie into my morning!!!

And. Oh. My. God........

I must have missed a step.......

So moral of the story, practice make perfect (hopefully) and try it without using the flash......

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  1. hahaha I just died!! This just made me literally laugh out loud!

  2. Zomg! I hope you still headed into work to explain that you OBVIOUSLY look like Kim K! You crack me up!