Friday, May 31, 2013

Touchdown Sammy Sosa

Today I'm linking up with Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars and you'll need to go have a look at her blog because she's great and funny, not to mention easy on the eyes.

Venus Trapped in Mars

My Hottest Athletes of All Time List according to Moi

Joakim Noah, I'm still not even sure I'm spelling his name right. I know that some people probably think I'm insane but I've always found something about him attractive. Although picture doesn't show it he has nice hair.

Brett Favre, always and forever.....he's the ultimate man in my opinion. He was hot back then and he's hot now. He's total "husband" material. I really hate that he sent that chick pictures of his D.......

Adam Scott, if it wasn't for my golf-obsessed significant other I probably wouldn't know much about this hot piece of Aussie, but I'm sure glad I do

Wally Szczerbiak, this one is a bit more random. This hot piece of Polish sausage played b-ball at Miami of Ohio and led his team to the Sweet Sixteen in 1999. He was the only thing that entertained my 10 year old self during the NCAA finals that year. He went on to play in the NBA.

I know enough about sports to make me look like one of those dumb ass girls. So I stick to what I know best...turning men into objects. Now fan yourselves off and link-up with Venus Trapped in Mars today!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Lovin....I'll have me a Blast!

I'm lovin this weather! Its not too hot yet. There is nothing a lady like myself hates worse than feeling as though I need to spread eagle an industrial fan for some breeze...mental're welcome.

Last night I was able to sit outside, I've got some so-so patio furniture. My backyard view isn't spectacular by any means but I just sip sip sip on some mediocre libations that I conjure up myself. After a few of those the view is a solid C+.

Me sitting on my patio

Today I am linking-up with Holly and Trista and it's all about Summertime!


  • I'm going to PCB this Summer, otherwise known as the Redneck Riviera although price wise we're dealing with some wealthier rednecks if ya ask me! Its like any vacation spots jacked up prices....ain't that right HJ!
Pics from last year....

My fran KT, she is full of life.

  • I am planning on attending one day of Bonnaroo. They are offering shuttles from downtown Nashville. I've never been to Roo and I'm pretty sure it would kick my ass as in I would probably become overcome with heat exhaustion. But I figure one day will allow me to get a taste.

  • I really hope I finally get to watch Magic Mike. My boyfriend refuses and he pretty much always joins me for movie night. I take that back, I think he once tried to make up for something by offering to take me to see that movie. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Awkward Date Link-Up

I have encountered my share of  odd experiences when it comes to the male species. Including, two different guys taking me on a "date" to literally the cheapest honky tonk in town. The fact that it happened twice makes me feel worth it. Anyways two cool gals, Jenn and Val are hosting a hilarious link-up today.


Well my awkward date occurred about three years ago. There was a guy who I had somewhat known for a long time. I always thought he was super weird but once he got to college he seemed to somewhat blossom. At first, we corresponded on Facebook. Casual talk stuff. We attended the same college and there were random events that we would talk about going to together. Well that never really panned out for whatever reason.

Fast forward several months and I decided to hit him up on Facebook again because he was cool and nice and I thought what the heck?

He seemed somewhat peeved that our previous discussions on chillin never came to fruition. Which wasn't entirely all my fault but whatever. So I said something to the effect of, "well yea I know but we should definitely make plans to hang out for real this time". And I gave him my number.

I don't remember who text who first but the text I received from him regarding the details said this, "TCBY, 6:30, Be there". I thought it came across a little bossy but whatever.

So the day of the big date comes along and wouldn't you know it, I got myself into a fender bender that was my fault. So the last thing I really wanted to do was share frozen yogurt with Mr. Bossy-Pants. My dad was awesome enough to let me drive his car....word.

I get there, he's already there. And I said, "sorry I'm a little late, I had a ca-" and before I could even finish he says, "Get in line". Geez dude I suppose I'm supposed to make you a sandwich after?

We get our treats, we sit down. Two things occurred that made this date go from chauvinistic to awkward were these two things:

  • The movie Inception had just been released. I still to this day have not seen it, because I'm pretty sure I won't understand it. Anyways, the chit-chat was going alright until he said that he had been dream journaling like they apparently did in Inception. As in, he would keep a note pad beside his bed at night and if he woke up from dreaming he would write down what the dream was about. Because in Inception they attempt to like plant ideas in people's heads via dreaming or some shit. I summarized Wikipedia. I decided at that point there would be no sleepovers.

  • Then, a girl walked by our table dressed like this

    Totally appropriate attire for suburban strip malls. And this was apparently my date's cup of tea because he looked her Up and Down! Seeing as the date was going so well I wasn't super upset. I was more amused at the idea. I pretty much wanted to say, "look dude, you are more than welcome to go read the dream dictionary with that little philly, I've got a busted radiator to attend too"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Recap

What else would I pen down today besides a weekend recap?! It was three days long and VERY much so needed!

On Friday we headed up to my boyfriend's folks place and it was semi cooler weather there, which was beyond refreshing and perfect boat weather!
Gorgeous Gorgeous Day!

Those sunglasses broke....dang it!

I couldn't get dude's head out of the picture:)

 This is about as smiley as he'll get for pictures:)

My wonderful neighbors threw an awesome Memorial Day BBQ 

 I would have gotten a better picture of the fire but I was too lazy to move! Ha, imagine that:)

And we rounded it up with a birthday celebration for our friend Cameron

I wish this picture turned out better because it was hilarious! He was saddled up for a happy birthday!

Pool Hall Photos!

And lastly but most importantly I celebrated Memorial Day by remembering those who have made the greatest sacrifice! Land of the free because of the brave!

How was your Memorial Day?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Careful, It's permanent

I'm thinking about when she eventually will breastfeed....yikes.

I have anxiety lots of it but really who doesn't? The mind goes through phases and yesterday I feel like was the beginning of what I hope is a phase.

I hope that choosing to officially settle it all down in a year or so is what I want. Meaning, have I experienced life enough? Have I had enough time to just be me and not the other half.

I was at a neighborhood function the other night and we were talking about places we would love to visit and places we have traveled to and someone brought up Australia. My elderly neighbor Claire said, "I've always wanted to go there but that's obviously not going to happen now. That is too long and far of a trip for an old lady".

It hit me. I never want to say that. I may never travel to Australia but I never want to come to the realization that it is impossible. I never want to lose my ability to dream because the reality is too thick around me.

I have somewhat felt here lately that I have allowed things in my life to get boring. That's really part of the reason I started blogging because I wanted to feel a responsibility to do fun things so I could tell you about them:)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How do you know, that you know, that you know?

Simple question really. Okay its not. We wake up every day not knowing if this will be the best day or the worst. People always say to forget the past or that there isn't any point in regret.

It's impossible to forget our pasts, it's what brought us here and regret is a nasty word for really just a simple idea, if I could go back I wouldn't do that over. Do you ever imagine what your life would be like if you had just changed one thing? It's hard to imagine because things could potentially be so different, so unfamiliar and so many of us fear the unknown.

I will always be a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. And I believe in the importance of making the best of things and realizing that someone out there is a lot worse off than you so count your blessings.

I also believe that the powers that be give us "signs" or "pointers" maybe you could even call them suggestions on what to do and where to go.

Today, I feel like something is happening for a reason and I need to really think about it. It's hard though. How do you make a decision that could impact you for the rest of your life? So many times things are decided for us and out of our control.

So, I am asking you to send positive vibes my way to make a good decision, to wish that I will have a head full of knowledge and a heart full of faith.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dai-Z Dukes Ba-kee-nees on Top

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of Summer for me. It is when I was supposed to lose all that weight.....woops. It marks the beginning of swimsuit season. 

I have a lot of memories wearing swimsuits, back when I didn't give a hoot what I looked like!

If I had a nickel for every gang symbol I use to throw up I would have like $200. And that'd be real gangsta.

Seeing as now I do care how I look, swimsuit shopping is more difficult. Particularly when shit like this exists

This swimsuit is literally only wearable for someone who is not only skinny but has the most perfectly proportioned torso.

This is how I would look in the swimsuit pictured above.

I do not understand this swimsuit....are we going scuba diving? Are we channeling 1990's Baywatch?

Camouflage with bows. I personally think camouflage belongs on our Nation's finest not this model. In all fairness she probably didn't choose to wear this.

Don't get me wrong I love me some fringe but COME ON! This girl is gorgeous but you can't tell she isn't a flamingo, channel your inner animal, channel not impersonate.

Any swimsuits from your past that you regret???

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Show some love

The tornado tragedy in Oklahoma saddens me. It was only two years ago that a tornado struck close to my mom's hometown and loved ones lost their lives. During times of such devastation we all seek comfort in something. And yes that is easy for me to say right now because my life hasn't been destroyed like so many have in Oklahoma. But, when tragedy like this happens we try so hard to make sense of it and we can't. So hug your loved ones tighter and be thankful for all the little things.

Also you can donate to the American Red Cross HERE

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Recap!

I think this blog literally has been devoted to my complaining about rain. I know no one cares but it has rained so darn much! It hailed yesterday, HAILED! When it does rain I always think of that Jason Aldean song "Amarillo Sky", and think some farmer somewhere is appreciating this. If I knew more about farming I might know that it might be the case that there is such thing as too much rain for your crops. I'm stopping. Sorry.

This weekend was great because I saw Silver Linings Playbook (new favorite movie of the moment) and I had friends over for food and beverages Saturday. Problem was the whole point was to grill out and sit on my new patio furniture but the weather had other plans so I made fajitas and called it a fiesta.

You really gotta see this flick! 

Also, seasoning chicken for fajitas always makes me nervous because I can't tell you how many times I've burnt dry seasoning on the chicken. So I found this stuff at the grocery store and it turned out quite well.

I highly recommend it

Minus the Cuban, this is how I feel.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ke$ha and Lindsay Lohan

It is almost the freakin weekin! (I spell it like I say it) I'm a teeny bit hungover today because I got thirsty on Thursday.


Confession: Kesha or Ke$sha (what the fuck evs) came on the radio and I found myself all like "and we've got our hot pants on enough, and yes of course because"

Yes, that's Lindsay Lohan, can you believe it??

In all its 1990's glory

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursty Thirsday

Many of you celebrate Throwback Thursday, myself included :) Here's one from the Summer of 2010, when I thought I needed to meet every person in the establishment while intoxicated.....

To this girl whoever you are, wherever you are I hope I showed you a nice time...looks like I did..yikes!

Back to today's link-up is brought to you by my gal Britney @ Lady Luck via Kristin @ Hopelessly Ever After and I'm really lovin this link-up :) :)

Thirsty Thursday photo linkupbuttonsmall_zps3c5606431_zps95d33d77.jpg

I will confess that I haven't tried this drink but I plan to this weekend so hold tight!

Salty Chihuahua
  • Course Salt for the rim (listed as optional, but I think its necessary)
  • 4 ounces tequila, divided
  • 2 ounces orange-flavored liqueur such as Cointreau, divided
  • 3 cups grapefruit juice, divided
  • 4 grapefruit slices for garnishing
  • Wet the rims of 4 glasses and coat with course salt if you so desire. 
  • Fill the glasses with ice.
  • Pour 1 ounce tequila and 1/2 ounce liqueur into each.
  • Top each with 3/4 cup grapefruit juice.
  • Stir
  • Garnish with a slice of grapefruit
  • Voila!
****This drink might taste disgusting but it looks just so darn pretty:)

Don't confuse above Salty Chihuahua with below Salty Chihuahua

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

White Trash Wednesday

White Trash Wednesdays originated when Girlfriend Jill and I would go to public watering holes during the summers in high school. We would bring floats from Wally World and some sort of libation that we could snag because ya know we were underage and all.

I feel as though I need to carry on this tradition. So when I found this news story it sparked my memory.

The above story discusses a woman who changed her baby's diaper out in the open sitting area at a Starbucks in Denver, CO. In her defense there was no changing table in the bathroom. First off let me say that I do not have children. But, I feel as though any human can sympathize with the idea that this is gross because it is a place where people dine. This mother could have just as easily changed the child's diaper in her car. So, this gets the white trash stamp today.

On another white trash note I got my toes did....that's not the white trash part. When my tootsies aren't pedicured I have Flintstone hooves, I'm not kidding. I'd show you a picture but let's be real I want to to keep a few readers.