Friday, November 22, 2013

Bound 2 be Thanksgiving

I'm in, I'm out, I'm a so-so blogger. So with that being said...


The new Kanye West song and video is straight up disgusting. I'll be honest I like Kanye West's music, I don't like him all that much but I can get down to some "Runaway" and "Stronger". Plus there is all this buzz that Kim's in the video so I found it on Youtube and I kid you not I thought I found a messed up remix version the song is that bad. And if you haven't heard, Kim is topless but all you see are like shadows.... 

Is Kim some sort of mutant with no nipples?? I'm just confused, I didn't think her schedule would allow for breastfeeding anyways.

I think Chicagogurl via summed it up best:

    "This vid reminded me of those booths in the mall back in the 90′s. The ones where with a hit pop song and a blue screen you too coud make a music video on a island with your other 12 yr old friends"


I am happy to say that Dallas Buyers Club has finally made it's way to Knoxville, we have one theater that shows "independent" films. I'm a huge Matthew M. fan! But this puts me in a predicament because I also want to see Catching Fire. I waited probably two months to see the first Hunger Games movie and I loved it so I don't want to wait on this one but I'm also not in the mood to be trampled by the superfans

I'm incredibly excited about Thanksgiving!!

I'm a proud chihuahua mama! So when I came across Miss Sadie Tripawd, I fell in love :)

Sadie Tripawd is an amputee who has recently had some very unfortunate medical issues and she's needs our help! You can check her out on Vine and Instagram just search Sadie Tripawd below is her Go Fund Me to help with medical expenses. Remember, love your fur babies :)


I can't quit dancing to this song.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And the creepy dream fairy strikes again

There has been some weirdness happening in my life lately......

I'm being slightly dramatic but still....

For one, I had a dream two nights ago that a guy dressed and impersonating Abraham Lincoln exposed himself to me...I will take any suggestion from any dream interpreter out there as to what in H-E-double hockey sticks that is supposed to mean. Maybe it's my love of $5 bills and pennies, or my partiality to honesty and top hats....who knows! Don't even go there about the other half of my nightmare

BTW...they're cousins

I guess that dream is the only really crazy thing.

Did anybody watch The Mindy Project last night?!?! It was sooooo good, my favorite episode so far and I am dying to hang out with Mindy Kaling! I just love her.

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