Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And the creepy dream fairy strikes again

There has been some weirdness happening in my life lately......

I'm being slightly dramatic but still....

For one, I had a dream two nights ago that a guy dressed and impersonating Abraham Lincoln exposed himself to me...I will take any suggestion from any dream interpreter out there as to what in H-E-double hockey sticks that is supposed to mean. Maybe it's my love of $5 bills and pennies, or my partiality to honesty and top hats....who knows! Don't even go there about the other half of my nightmare

BTW...they're cousins

I guess that dream is the only really crazy thing.

Did anybody watch The Mindy Project last night?!?! It was sooooo good, my favorite episode so far and I am dying to hang out with Mindy Kaling! I just love her.

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  1. I have seen previews and that show looks hilarious just haven't seen it yet I feel like i have enough shows to watch i am afraid to add anymore lol

  2. The first post is perfect! haah love that!