Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Diabeetus, DeWitt, DW, darndest stuff

I find inspiration in the darndest of places....most entertainment websites but still so cray

I have found a story that I hope more than anything is true........

First of all I learned something his last name is Flajnik and I hope that's pronounced EXACTLY how I'm saying it Flaushznick. Also....

And people say that Kris resembles Joyce DeWitt of Three's Company fame (some say Michael Jackson) so I just think DW and Joyce should ride on into the reality TV sunset heaven. How ironic is it that they are both considered to resemble characters of actual legit television......

And DW and DeWitt.....scary

I'm starting to ramble.

Also, I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I've literally only eaten cookies and candy all day so bring on the Dia-bee-tus.......

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  1. you need to post more videos haha!

    I need to google this guy Kris is with..hmmmm

  2. Ha....cookies and candy. Reminds me of Men in Black when Will Smith is all...."those kids can stay up an extra hour and let them eat cookies and cakes and junk and stuff."
    maybe that's only funny to me!