Friday, October 4, 2013


So I have a new minor obsession......

And you're all like "Wow Reba, late to the party again, everyone likes him". Yes I know, I've always liked him but I saw Don Jon last night and my love for JGL catapulted into the heights of Matthew McConaughey.

Typically I don't go for the Guido Juicehead type in fact I loathe the Guido Juicehead type, but if I can ever land a Guido Juicehead who looks like that......well then sign me up for some GYM,TAN,LAUNDRY!!

But with my luck.........

Anyways, go see Don Jon, it's a great movie. I totally did not expect it to turn out like it does which in my opinion makes a movie worth watching!

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  1. I agree. Totally loved the movie -- and yes, him too. Totally love him.


  2. Yes, he is mighty fine indeed.