Tuesday, October 15, 2013

False Advertisement

I've got irrational fears, I'm sure a lot of people do.

I'm afraid I'm going to go to prison for doing nothing wrong...

I'm afraid someone is going to stab me in the chest while sleeping on my back..

And I don't like heights...

Not a snowball's chance in hell.......

I could probably go on and on but then you would just think I was neurotic and you should at least read a few of my posts to think that.

But one fear I do have is that my picture is going to be used in a way that I don't want it to be. Like this past weekend my picture was snapped enjoying Fireball, so far I don't think it's online. It's not that I mind promoting a delicious beverage it's just that A. it is probably a very unflattering photo and B. not every future employer enjoys Fireball.

****I was not actually drinking Fireball in the picture :)

The reason this sort of thing concerns me is because I found this article.

In case you don't want to steer your eyes away from Reba K.'s majesty and click the above link, I'll sum it up. A girl let a photographer take her picture a few years ago, photographer turned around and sold it to a stock photo company and the picture was used for an HIV campaign.

The problem is, this girl is not HIV positive, and now she is outraged and suing because she had no idea the photographer sold her image.

I understand her concern, I mean it's like when Jerry Seinfeld couldn't handle going out with the girl who did hemorrhoid ointment commercials or something like that, no one wants to be thought of as the hemorrhoid girl.

It would be one thing if the ad just said "get tested" or "know your rights" but it says clearly insinuates that she is HIV positive.

What do you think? Is it always a risk having your picture taken?

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  1. That's awful for that girl! I'm also afraid of heights & going to prison for no reason!


  2. I got some of those '"irrational fears". But I am afraid I will get caught and go to prison.........

    I don't like my photo being taken - unless it is me doing it - or someone I trust....

    Trust - now there is a blog subject........

  3. That article makes the point for the girl (Avril Nolan). The last paragraph called HIV a 'sexually transmitted disease". A stigma that HIV sufferers probably have to cope with - even though they got it from who knows what......................