Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Recap

What else would I pen down today besides a weekend recap?! It was three days long and VERY much so needed!

On Friday we headed up to my boyfriend's folks place and it was semi cooler weather there, which was beyond refreshing and perfect boat weather!
Gorgeous Gorgeous Day!

Those sunglasses broke....dang it!

I couldn't get dude's head out of the picture:)

 This is about as smiley as he'll get for pictures:)

My wonderful neighbors threw an awesome Memorial Day BBQ 

 I would have gotten a better picture of the fire but I was too lazy to move! Ha, imagine that:)

And we rounded it up with a birthday celebration for our friend Cameron

I wish this picture turned out better because it was hilarious! He was saddled up for a happy birthday!

Pool Hall Photos!

And lastly but most importantly I celebrated Memorial Day by remembering those who have made the greatest sacrifice! Land of the free because of the brave!

How was your Memorial Day?


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I am a blogger fail, barely took any photos from our weekend, haha.
    You and your boy toy are so cute :)

    1. Thanks lady! I hope ya'll had a great weekend!