Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Full Tilt Tuesday

People probably think that I am two different people, that I have an evil uglier twin. This is because when I leave the house I am either dolled up to the absolute nines or I resemble Megan from Bridesmaids.

Back in the day ahem high school I wouldn't leave the house without freshly washed hair, a face full of make-up, Very Sexy perfume(meow) and my most stylish outfit I bought at the Body Shop

That dress came from Goody's

Now, I'm impressed with myself if I've had a shower! What is the matter with me? When did I get so tired? I need to snap out of this shit!

In other news...

Jenny McCarthy joins The View

Who the hell cares? All that show does is prove that women can't have intelligent conversations without constantly talking over one another.

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  1. I think you should have your own show and i would watch every damn episode LOL

    1. That is the best compliment:) Thank you!

  2. Haha this great! I don't even watch The View, but I've been hearing ALL about Jenny.

    1. Just go into your kitchen and bang around on pots and pans while the blender is going and that is basically what it sounds like! Hahaha

  3. OMG! You people are funny!!!
    And the tired thing - only gets worse.... Good Luck....