Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I didn't Fall out!

To continue with my busy weekend.......

I went golfing with my boyfriend on Saturday and it was so F-ing hot!! Patrick gets really really intense when he plays golf so he isn't really fun to play with. I hit the ball a few times and I'm actually pretty decent which I kinda knew I was because I've got that golfer's build goin on....

Verdict: I would like to play more often BUT I would really prefer the weather to cool off a bit. Calling this shiz-nat a Summer sport is asking for heat strokes. Its something to do with it having to be played on grass...whatevs.

**On a funny somewhat related side note, People have found my blog while searching for Adam Scott the golfer...hmm???

And Sunday we went white water rafting!

It was SO much fun!! We did the middle Ocoee which is pretty standard but it does contain some pretty intense spots. 

This is just a video I found on Youtube, but this is exactly what we did. I'm aware there is much crazier out there but I was pretty proud of myself because I didn't fall out of the raft. Also, the guides are all pretty hot:) We have plans to do the upper Ocoee which was the site of the 1996 Olympics and it apparently gets crazier...bring it on!! Wow don't I sound like the adrenaline junkie?!

Here is the link to the Best Whitewater Rafting Company

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  1. I went white water rafting last year for the first time LOVED it! so much fun! And hey I love Adam Scott, I want people to find my blog looking for him. But really I want them to find him at my house.

    1. You should come with when I go again! I'm pretty sure Adam Scott googles himself so when he comes across my blog I'll just have directions to my house on here but I'd be cool jet-setting off to Australia with him:)

  2. I'm glad you didn't fall out of the raft. At least you were actually on a River. I was proud of myself for not falling off of the raft on a ride at a water park. lol.

    1. Oh heck! That involves slides....I'm no good at that:)

  3. I love to play golf!! The sad part is that I'm actually better at it than my boyfriend! haha So he never wants to go with me...but I haven't played in forever, I miss it! I agree though, it's a little too hot to be playing golf right now...