Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hell's bells guess who is back?!

I was basking in the sun in PCB:) SO glad to be back home to the rain.

Today I am linking up!

Let's just say for starters if I won the lottery you all would probably never see me again. Because really who wants to read THAT blog.....

  • I would travel! To everywhere of course but mainly Bora Bora, New Zealand, Greece, The Maldives, Thailand, wow I could really go on and on
I would buy some land and build myself an event facility and I would make it beautiful and charge folks an ass load to get hitched there.
It would look similar to this.....

  • I would also build my own house on that land and I would have the same bathroom as Pamela Anderson

  • I would hire my my own Billy Blanks. He would help me get into spandex-shape and I would prance around in my Spandex
  • I would get my PhD and become the female Dr. Phil or just his apprentice

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  1. Short, sweet, to the point!
    What are those Lotto Numbers again?

  2. I remember that episode! What I don't remember if her bathroom looked out to the ocean or on her neighbors. I suppose if you're Pamela Anderson it doesn't even matter.

    1. I ain't even got windows in my bathroom!! Hahaha oh Pam!

  3. I need Billy Blanks in my life too!!

    1. I think he may have filed bankruptcy so I bet me and you could pool our money a rent him for a little bit