Friday, April 12, 2013

Yikes, maybe I just dreamed this....

You know the episode of Friends when Phoebe is mad at Ross and she can't remember why, but it turns out it was all just because of something she dreamed.
I think this happens to me......I have a dream that feels very real and I wake up really agitated. I find myself put out with whoever I had this dream about and it isn't at all their really at all it's my own subconcious. The other person(like Ross) might even notice your crankiness towards them but you don't want to say "well I had this dream..."

Also, have you ever had dreams that you are embarrassed about? That is the worst because it always either involves someone so foul that you wonder what in h-e-double-hockey sticks was going through your head or it's someone not so foul, actually pretty great but that's embarrassing in a whole other way. Mine are usually about someone foul, probably due to my sense of humour. I once had a dream that I made out with a friend of my dad' wanna talk about Fing gross.

Ever had a dream you were too embarrassed to talk about? Please share, hardly anyone reads this shiznat anyways:)

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