Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This is Not Law and Order. This is Life.

Today is really beginning to suck. I just had to purchase a home security system, well I didn't have to but if two of your neighbors got broken into on the same evening and you are a 20-something seriously uncoordinated girl, a home alarm system is probably your best bet.

The scariest part is that I live in a small condo complex. There are like 10 total so this literally happened mere feet away from me!

I considered buying a gun

What I think I'd look like with a gun...

 What I would look more like...

Guns scare me too much, I got no problem with anybody who wants to own one or hundreds, you've got the right to bear arms! Maybe if I attended some classes I would feel more comfortable owning one......

N-E-ways I really F-ing hate the fact that I don't feel safe in my own home! I could not fall asleep last night due to all the anxiety running through my head that I could not fall asleep and I feel like hammered shiz-nat today. F you to F-ing burglarers! All of them!

Good thing is I have an adequate watch dog

The dog barks louder than the boyfriend

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