Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To Cheer Myself Up

There are times when I think that I maybe freak out too much or I'm overdramatic. Then I see stories like this little gem and I realize I'm doing least so far today.

I'm a BIG BARGAIN SHOPPER so I was very excited when my Target purchases came in yesterday!

Cheetah Cray Cray!!

I'm a big fan of Target(who isn't really) and I'm always pretty happy with my purchases from there, the shoes on the right are probably more for colder weather but they were on sale SO...and wedge sandals on the left are cute but the fabric on the straps is a tad shiny(aka cheap looking) I got each pair for $17.50!!!

I also got to hang out with these two crazies
As you can tell Patrick loves to pester Cash who was putting on a good face for the picture. I love my animals:)

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