Monday, April 29, 2013

Soggy Weather with a Side of Hummus

This whole weekend I had this song playing in my head....

No I didn't have to pull a Noah but it rained cats and dogs this past weekend. I have NEVER understood that expression my dad always told me to follow it up with "and I stepped in a poodle"...that made it mostly legit.

I engaged in a good amount of movie watching over the weekend. I saw one in the theater so today is officially called Movie Monday for "Mud" with Matthew McConaughey it's similar to when on February 4th and 5th we travel to the French Fried Frog Festival in Fayetteville. HA!

N-E-ways Mud was a good movie somewhat sad, but I was glad I watched it. The child actors in it are excellent and Reese Witherspoon just can't play white trash in my opinion.

I also watched "This is Forty" aka this will waste your time. This movie is in true Judd Apatow fashion...longer than long! The problem with Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd as a couple is that Paul Rudd is so likeable and Leslie Mann is not. Therefore you are continuously rooting for him and not at all her. Oh and by the way in case you didn't know Leslie Mann is married to Judd Apatow.....which explains a lot. She's a supporting character...not a star.

And to round it all up was "Argo" throughout the movie the characters say "Argo F yourself". Great movie. Never did it get boring and my simple mind was able to understand it. My significant other asked me constant questions for the first 20 minutes so in all honesty this movie made me feel smart.

We also ate at a restaurant run by hipsters and I bought some new Nikes so hopefully they'll get me off my ass:) 

I'm doing the Advocare 10-day cleanse so no alcohol for me over weekend...GRRIIPPEESS! But I was still game for going to Union Jacks, a really neat place in K-town.

That's my weekend wrap-up.

So like the Boss Lady says until we meet again,

-Reba K.

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