Thursday, April 25, 2013

24 for 24

Because I love myself and Life of Jake gave me the idea, and that I am 24 years old. I decided to fill you in on 24 facts about myself.

1. I do not know how to dive. I can swim, but I have to jump into any body of water.
2. I really like "Gone with the Wind" and Scarlett O'Hara inspires me.

3. It is a big pet peeve of mine when someone catches on to a trend/joke later than everyone and then proceeds to wear the heck out of it  thinking they are just so hilarious.
4. My freshman year of college I evacuated my entire building via fire alarm because I let an uncooked noodle slip under the stove eye.
5. When I was 5, Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed in the knee in an attack brought on by Tonya Harding's people. It became known as "The Whack Heard Around The World". This event changed my life and I became obsessed with ice skating. I would wear leotards to the local ice rink and accomplish nothing on skates, my parents were even nice enough to get me a trophy engraved with the words "World's Best Ice Skater" the trophy should have probably said "World's Best Carpet Skater" because I rocked our living room.

6. The first movie I remember seeing in the theatre was a double feature. "Beauty and the Beast" and "Far and Away" I liked them equally. My guess was that my parents were not about to waste a trip to the theatre on a cartoon.
7. My favorite song to dance to is "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC.
8. I have been to top of the former World Trade Center.
9. The very first concert I ever attended was Yanni. I was with my mom, she didn't want to pay for a sitter and I guess she was looking out for my cultural well-being. If I could go back in time I think the first thing I would change is this being my first concert.
10. My favorite author of all time is Judy Blume

11. I think that Matthew McConaughey and Brett Favre are the hottest men of all time
12. I have never purchased a Lottery ticket, I guess I always feel like its such a long-shot
13. When I was around say 5 or 6 I was obsessed with weddings (not marriage) I played wedding all the time and I'm pretty sure I have married my dad, grandfather, and uncles on several occasions. That sounds strange written out. N-E-ways I saw that there was going to be a bridal show in town and this intrigued me. So, my parents did what any good parents do and took me to it. They even won a green lamp in a drawing, (they're still thanking me) My mom thought it was funny to tell vendors that I was the bride.
14. I'm a darn good cook, not great but good and I am trying to get better everyday
15. I love the Olive Garden and I also love Red Lobster and I really hate it when people be all like "that ain't sophisticated" well those restaurants are doing something right!
16. I LOVE The Office
17. I think Dr. Phil is one of the most brilliant minds ever.

18. I don't really get the hype over Zooey Deschanel
19. I hate the movie Super Troopers
20. I studied abroad in Scotland in the Summer of 2010 and it was such an amazing experience!
21. I can't master hash-tags and I really hate it when people use hash-tags on Facebook
22. I'm currently working on earning my MBA and it is hard work!
23. My dad is a former college football coach, mostly SEC and I grew up hearing many football analogies that he felt as though I could apply to life
24. The word fixin used to in place of "about to" makes my skin crawl and even worse when someone spells out "fixing" on social media sites in place of "about to"


  1. Ha...I am a HUGE AC/DC fan...however, my confession would be that I am also an enormous Yanni fan. Taking piano lessons as a kid...that was one of the first books I learned how to play. I have been to at least 5 concerts of his, the most recent being in 2012. I know....lame! But I love it.

    1. I didn't think people even knew who he was! Now I feel better about that being my first concert! Haha

  2. Um...We are sisters I think. I actually skated to a Yanni song for a 4th grade ice skating "competition". I certainly did not win the best ice skater ever trophy. Jealous.

    1. I'm jealous you were able to skate competitively! Thanks for reading my blog! I enjoy yours:)