Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jus Tease it and Make it Look like a Brown Football Helmet

Steel Magnolias is my favorite movie of all time, you'll probably hear me say that about a lot of movies but humour me for now. My best friend Taylor just finished Cosmetology school and passed all her boards woo hoo! She did my hair yesterday and of course it was filled with quotes from our favorite salon, Truvy's Beauty Spot

Of course my day of beau-tay would not be complete without pix

She does some good hair! Which is great because I have abused the shiznat out of my hair! Have a looksy....
                                   Blonde highlights..nothing too crazy                                 

Then I got the bright idea to bleach my hair to death. I thought I was a rockstar. My boyfriend say I looked like Slim Shady's wife (point taken).

Then due to the fact that my hair was literally falling out from the chemical treatment, I went darker but that could not even begin to overshadow the damage... 

Then my hair got a little healthier and I decided to go basically black with a little red....because we all know freckle-faced fair complected girls look great with black hair. This photo is of me at a Girl Talk show, I danced my hiney off and rocked some trashy hair!
Then I started adding blonde back in and I'm slowly getting back to normal (hair-wise) It's pretty much a circle.

If you are in the E. Tennessee area and you need someone excellent to tame your mane Taylor will be starting at Salon Azure in Maryville, TN. It is in between Five Guys and Menchies, I know I'll be visiting :)

Have you done crazy bad stuff to you hair?!


  1. Reb! M'Lynn's house in Steel Magnolias is a B&B in Louisiana called "Steel Magnolias." WE HAVE TO GO!