Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Tuneage

One thing that I am absolutely not is a music expert. I like what I like and that's that. Songs get in my head and stay there, and these songs are bouncing around in there right now.

Lana Del Ray- Born to Die
This song is a bit crazy and I still really don't know what it means exactly but I walk around singing it. Plus, Lana Del Ray is so pretty! 

Eric Church-Like Jesus Does
I'm not an Eric Church superfan like so many people seem to be but I really like some of the stuff on his newest album Chief. This is the acoustic version of this song that I actually just found and I'm loving it!

Miranda Lambert-Mama's Broken Heart

This video is just as great as the song! I love love Miranda Lambert, she's what country music is all about!

Bruno Mars-When I Was Your Man
I love his voice! Radio plays the crap out of his songs so I hope I don't get tired of this too.

Maroon 5-Sad
Adam Levine looks as good as he sings:)

I love suggestions and opinions on good music so if there is anything you're liking these days, let me know!


  1. Love miranda lambert! I listen to her and the pistol annies cd nonstop..

    1. I like the song "Beige" by The Pistol Annies. Do you know of any other artists/bands like her and them??

  2. i love Edens Edge, do you know them? theyre really great and kinda like them.. 'too good to be true', and 'Feels so real' and 'amen' (their most popular hit) are my favs of theirs.

  3. I love their song "Amen" good to know other stuff is good too! I hate one hit wonders! Haha