Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Survive The Masters

Some sports fan say that The Masters is the most boring sporting event. Can't really say I blame them, but my beloved is a die-hard, over-the-top infatuated with the sport of golf. This weekend might as well be the Superbowl, World Series, and World Cup combined.

I realized I have a few choices this weekend I can:

A. Whine and fight him for the remote during commercial breaks
B. Ask 500 annoying questions pretending to be interested only to come out annoying
C. Or I can appreciate the eye candy.

Hmmmm C! Golfers aren't every gal's cup of tea, I get it. Khakis are boring. So I thought I would provide an assortment of what is out there this weekend.
Adam Scott
He looks like the type who could sell the shiznat out of some department store cologne, (not like behind the counter) in an ad campaign.
 You're welcome.
I must admit though, this picture somewhat reminds me of Lyle Lovett.  Just the hair.
Ricki Fowler
 I think its all the PUMA. He's the non-traditional choice.
 Rockin the Canadian tuxedo here. Now, that I look at this picture I think I realized why I find him cute, that denim jacket reminds me of what hot guys wore in 7th grade.
I hope this helps you if your TV is locked on the greens this weekend like mine is. Have a fabulous weekend!

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