Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wet Sand and Walruses

Today I started the Advocare 10-day cleanse. I think it will be a good jump-start for me to be somewhat ready for swimsuit season. And by somewhat ready I mean being able to legally wear a swimsuit because chances are if I stepped out in one looking like I do today I would be speared

Notice the resemblance...

The fiber drink I had this morning wasn't all that bad...if you enjoy consuming wet sand. Now more than ever I want a fast forward button!


  1. i tried the advocare cleanse.. but i just COULD NOT keep up with all those "vitamins" anymore. And i know what you mean about the fiber drink! I could only get a few gulps down. There was gagging. It was gross.

    1. I'm just not "getting it" I don't think like honestly today is day 3 and I feel light-headed not refreshed ya know?