Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celeb Girl Crushes

My new friend in blog land Tiffany Khyla posted about her celebrity girl crushes this week. I just had to join.  Lesbihonest.....I don't want to settle down and make a life with these women, I just find them to be gorgeous!

Nadia Bjorlin

She's on Days of Our Lives. I only know of her because one Summer when I was about 11 my friend Mandy and I watched Days everyday. We were old at heart. N-E-ways, this girl is gorgeous she part Swedish and part Persian....can you get a better combination? It's her light blue eyes and black hair.

Jessica Simpson
Now and Then!

I like her. Always have. I wish she had stayed with Nick but we all make mistakes. I love her for gaining all the weight she wanted while she was pregnant the first time, it probably wasn't all that healthy but she wasn't all obsessed with Hollywood standards. She has the prettiest smile and the best hair. And whenever I see her in an interview she makes me laugh.

Charlize Theron

She's classic and regal. Not to mention a phenomenal actress. Recently she's cut her hair and I must say I like her better with some length but she's still stunning. Plus, some mornings I resemble her character in "Monster".

Ashley Greene
She's in Twilight and she was on the short lived show Pan Am about flight attendants. She's one of the many reasons I enjoyed the Twilight movies despite Kristen Stewart.

Emma Stone
Great skin, gorgeous hair when it's red or blonde. She's always in good movies and knock on wood I don't think she's done anything super stupid yet.

I want to hear your celeb girl crushes! Do you agree with mine?


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  1. I dont know the first girl, but i would have to agree on the rest :)

  2. Love your choices, I would also have to add in Meagan Fox! Lol

  3. I agree with your choices - but I thin know I am a cougar?
    I have to share my list now.

    1. I don't think you are old enough to be at cougar status yet. Maybe a bobcat.

  4. Wonderful choices! I absolutely LOVE Emma Stone. And I was so broken-hearted when Nick and Jessica split. My younger self: "If their love can't last then love isn't real!" Dramatic.

    1. They were the real life Ken and Barbie!

  5. omg I remember when Nadia was Chloe on PASSIONS

    1. Yes! Haha I'm so glad someone knows her! Thanks for reading:)