Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

All in all an uneventful but good weekend spent watching movies and grilling out with the fam. Yours truly cooked everything and it was pretty darn delicious! The highlight though were the Beef and Bacon Burgers I did not however grind my own meat and I added Bam! Burger Seasoning by Emeril Lagasse, these were seriously the best burgers I've ever had. I wish I had pictures but there was no time due to the fact that I was scarfing it down. I did of course have time for pre-dinner pics.

Also on the awesome food note, I've been eating a lot of that here lately and its high time to get my fat ass in gear. So, more water and healthier eating this week. Which has started off good so far seeing as that I have only had breakfast which were two Kashi Go Lean waffles. My problem is that I lose creativity in my healthy eating and I get burnt out..ugh!

What are some of you favorite healthy recipes?

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  1. you are just one beautiful lady :)
    I have had the worst eating habits lately, i need to get back on the wagon!

    1. You're too nice! It's hard to maintain a healthy diet when you've got tons of shit going on!

  2. Healthy Recipes? What are those?