Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So What Wednesday

I've got a whole lotta so what's to share, thank you Lady Luck :)

1. So what if I look like this today, I'm takin it easy

2. So what if I still haven't watched Magic Mike like I promised myself I would this week.

3. So what if I need to go grocery shopping and get my oil changed today and still haven't its only 1:30...the day is young

And onto a not so so what!! As you can see things are lookin mighty fine around here at Reba K. Writes:):) Thanks to the wonderful Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars

 photo signature-8.jpg


  1. So what if you ain't at work to entertain me.....
    Now I have to hold your desk hostage.....
    (I like this new space)

  2. are GORGEOUS in that pic....suriously.

  3. still looking pretty to me :)
    I love my so what Wednesday posts. short and sweet! :)
    Sometimes you just have to be lazy until the afternoon time, its ok :)

    Also i know i've said before but really love the new look :) I am gonna have her do mine too

    1. Thanks doll! She does good work:) thank you for so what Wednesdays!!