Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So What Wednesday

  • So what if there is some weird sticky, tree sap like substance in my hair giving me a miniature dreadlock. I'm going to just go with it. In the words of Bob Marley, "Facts an' facts, an' t'ings an t'ings: dem's all a lotta fockin' bullshit. Hear me! Dere is no truth but de one truth, an' that is the truth of Jah Rastafari." Ya mon.

  • So what if I didn't shower this morning, I overslept and now I got dis cool dreadlock hair so I win.

How I think I would look with dreads.... 


  • So what if the Miami Heat took a beat down last night. I still woke up this morning and life goes on. This however is not the case for my boyfriend who literally rattles off Shakespearian love poetry about LeBron James.

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