Friday, September 20, 2013

Running Errands is not a Date

In honor of Nikki from The Pink Growl going on a big date tonight I decided to reflect back on my dating adventures and misadventures and offer up some advice well really just opinions but ya know tomatoes tomahtoes

  • Make sure he knows it's not a date if he just picks you up to run errands with him....I was once hanging out with a guy and that's all we ever did he also played Halo til wee hours in the morning
  • One must be extremely confident with themselves and the person they are on a date with to go eat, I know it's so stupid but I hate going to dinner with a guy I hardly know it's probably because when I eat I chow down and ain't nobody coming back for seconds when they see that!
  • Don't make out with a guy who drives a vehicle with neon underglow...he won't turn into Paul Walker

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  1. HAHAHAHA this cracked me up! Thank you for the shout out! I am SO with you on the eating. Maybe I'm weird, but eating on a first date makes me nervous as hell!

  2. Too funny. I run errands now with my boyfriend, but it's definitely not early in the relationship date kind of material.

  3. Hahaha, if only he turned into Paul Walker <3 Also if he goes to work before the date, picks you up in his workout clothes, and then changes in the truck... not a winner.

  4. Ughhhhh! My husband tried to put that neon shit on my TA! He is so lucky I stayed married to him!