Wednesday, September 11, 2013


O em gee, its my 100th post!!!

Thank you for reading, thank you for all the wonderful kind words, thank you for loving me like I love you:)

I've been feeling sickly the last couple of days, weak-like, I probably just need to eat something.....


I send my mom a text that says, "I feel sick" and she calls me right away, I'm unable to answer so she texts back saying, "What is wrong call me go to dr!!". So much for punctuation. 

I decided to do the most necessary and logical thing....Google my symptoms. After about three minutes I came to the conclusion that I have GERD.

So I sent my mom a text that said, "I have GERD", she replies back with the grammer of a 13 year old, "R u at dr office" I said, No. Google. She's yet to reply.

My mother has a medical background but her focus is psychology and whenever I tell her that I have whatever mental illness I think I have on any given day she just shakes her head and tells me how funny I am......
Can't get no respect

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  1. I have it also.. very common! Carbs, caffeine, alcohol, and spices can trigger it! Carbs is my weakness But i stay away from everything else. I take prilosec everyday at night before bed. Sometimes twice a day if i know i am gonna need it. It helped in no time. Good luck hope you feel better, get it taken care of before it gets too serious.

  2. I've got it too! Milk helps me.

  3. My daughter says I have gerd.

    Google. Yes, Google is the shiznaz....

    I looked up my symptoms of the last few months.... Google was very helpful. I have Hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, lymes disease, fibromyalgia and MS.

    BTW, I love reading your writing...

  4. GERD sucks! I hate that shit! Hope your feeling better, I found you over on Life of Whimsy like your blog!