Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's the Emmy's for pete's sake!

The only reason I tune into any awards show is for the fashion........I'm sure that's true for most of you.

2013 Emmy Awards Best and Worst Dressed List according to Reba

The Good....

Carla Gugino and Sofia Vergara smokin in red......LOVE!!

Tina Fey and Edie Falco dazzling in blue

And honorable mentions go to Sarah Paulson and Katrina Bowden, I just liked both of these dresses

The Bad.....

Heidi Klum looks like a serpant and Julianne Hough forgot pants and the need to pull her straps up

Carrie Underwood and January Jones went for a dress that I'm pretty sure you could buy at David's Bridal

I don't if Anna Faris has hit the plastic surgery to hard or what but gross and Vera Farmiga looks scarier than she does as Norma Bates on Bates Motel my favorite show


No one thought Paula Abdul would show up normal so she took that and ran with it and Aubrey Plaza is so funny and so pretty and really and up and coming star and she dressed as if Warren Jeffs was her date!

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  1. I love Kaley Cuoco's dress too! I'm usually a HUGE Carrie Underwood fan but I agree this wasn't one of her best choices. I love watching the E Red Carpet show!

  2. What on god's green earth is Heidi Klum wearing and where does one even find such an atrocious frock? YIKES!

    I love the reds and the blues.
    The Bads are B A D!