Friday, September 13, 2013

Embarrassing your kids

I'm not a parent. Well I'm not a parent to a human child, I have a little fur baby and I'll admit my parenting skills with him are questionable at best.

So I'm not here to tell anyone how to raise their kids.

Well maybe I am a little.

It's just that I am about sick of seeing all these posts on social media sites about some mom or dad dealt with bad behavior.

It all started with the dude that shot his daughter's laptop, that was seriously the dumbest thing I have ever seen if he was the one that purchased the laptop.

Notice the cig...

Now this dad is wearing short shorts to punish his daughter...

And this mom made her daughter do this....

That mom is lookin like a hot mess 

I get it, kids need to be taught lessons. I needed to be taught lessons heck I still do. My parent's punished me the old fashioned way, I got grounded. They didn't intentionally humiliate me. Did my parent's ever embarrass me? Why yes! But that was usually for breathing the wrong way...

Are these parent's doing this to teach their children a lesson or gain attention to themselves? I just sometimes think some grown-ups are given too much credit. Are we all perfect? No. Will I be the perfect mom? Sheesh no!

But let's no make it okay to humiliate our kids especially if it's for our own sick self-gain. I will always believe that one should be a parent before they are a friend and the best thing a mom or dad can do is lead by example. My parents did and I had no excuse to screw up.

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  1. OMG...the short shorts thing is the funniest thing I've ever seen. My dad used to wear short shorts when he worked outside or on the house. Everyone knew him for his little red shorts. haha. But he just did it because he was dad...not even to embarrass me!!

  2. While I'm not sure I would do any of the things those parents did, I definitely get it. Sometimes you have to be extreme when you are trying to get your point across. I thought the guy with the shotgun and cig, was a amazing. Kids these days think they can do whatever they want, to whoever and whenever they want. Kids are killing themselves because other kids are bullying them. If I was on the ball and found out my kid bullied someone, i'd make them hold a sign up for the world to see. I'm not saying that its good that all of these parenting "techniques" are showing up on social media but I do get where these parents are coming from. Back in my day...if you were bad you were spanked...and theres another sore subject this day in age. Or I was grounded from TV. When I ground my kids now, I have a huge selection to pick, PS3, DS, TV, Sports, Wii, iPad, phone. It's crazy how things have changed. Anyway...I totally get your point but believe me one day you may see me on facebook shooting my kids laptop. lol

  3. Absolutely agree with this! It makes me so sad!

  4. These are such weird ways to punish your kids. If your kids' punishment ends up on the news, I don't think that's something you should be proud of. There are definitely other ways. Parents are crazy these days.

  5. What is with the short shorts? YIKES...
    Cig toking gun toting father? LOSER - obviously he is not overly bright - it is called GUN SAFETY dork...
    Hot mess! I love it. And today I learned a new word. TWERK. Hell, I thought it had something to do with tweeting.
    And I am now old and near death.

  6. oh, and yes, I am sure the "twerking girl" was twerking - JUST TO EMBARRASS her parents... WTH? And considering the HOT MESS MAMMA - no wonder she things twerking is ok.
    Personally, I do not care about twerking. Bring it...

  7. I don't have kids either.....but I can totally see myself flipping my shit after one of my kids mouthed off for the umpteenth time and then launching their laptop off the balcony.
    Kids are going to be the best worst thing of my hopeful near future. I want it all. The good and the bad. I am on the fence about a lot of these actions because to me it looks like a few parents that have just had it with their kids behavior, and instead of beating the shit out of them or neglecting them, have come up with embarrasing solutions to get their kids attention. It has got to be extremely embarrassing for these parents to see their child twerking in public or wearing shorts no longer than their va-j-j's!

  8. I couldn't agree with you more. Sometimes I think parents need to reel in the white knight act. Kids make mistakes, sometimes the embarrassment of the mistakes themselves are enough to eliminate the behavior.

    Love your blog - just came across it and will definitely be returning!

  9. Like the one with the intersection ! Lol too good