Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thankful Recap

I get excited about the holidays every year because it's the one of the rare times I get to see my extended family. I also hate referring to them as extended family because they are so close and special to me. I've always loved being the oldest cousin on my dad's side and close to the oldest on my mom's because I've always had "little cousins". I never realized how much I would love it when these babies started to grow up and become little adults who bring more joy to my life then I can even begin to explain.

One of my cousins J is seventeen and by far the most laid back person I know. And I of course love this about him! As usual he was the source of my entertainment. The story goes as follows:

J's parents and siblings are members of the Presbyterian denomination and my uncle serves as an Elder. The Sunday before Thanksgiving their minister wanted the congregation to write on a note card what they were thankful for this year. My uncle as well as another Church Elder were chosen to read the note cards aloud to everyone in what was going to be a heartwarming smaller service then the typical Sunday. My uncle said that they read so many cards with so many wonderful things written. People discussed how thankful they were for their families and their health and how they had conquered financial turmoil, and disease in 2013. My aunt and uncle said that it was hard to not get teary-eyed at all the gratitude. As I said this was a smaller service so my cousins were among the few "young people" in the congregation. The other elder besides my uncle read one card allowed and it said, "I'm thankful for toilet paper". And who was guilty of writing such heart felt words, non other than my cousin J!

Despite my aunt and uncle "never being embarrassed so much in their lives",I as well as the rest of our family were rolling in the floor over this story.

The best part was my cousin J's rebuttal, "I didn't realize it was such a serious event"

Here's hoping you and yours had a fabulous Thanksgiving full of shenanigans!

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  1. I think it's important to remember to be thankful for the small things. Can you imagine having to use newspaper or leaves? He was being more introspective than he thought :)

  2. it's the little things in life, like toilet paper, that we should be thankful for! HAHA

  3. Oh man, yes its the little things in life, for sure!!!!
    Hope your having a good week :)