Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I Would So Take the Gold in....

It's becoming more evident to me that I probably won't ever participate in the Olympic Games. I mean there's always curling I suppose.

I started thinking that maybe I should host my own Olympics like Jim did on The Office, flonkerton anyone??

If the Olympics went my way, I could win a gold medal doing the following shiznat.....

Talking on the Phone

Give me a good friend and 2 hours of nothing to do and I'm your gal! As a teen I went over my minutes more than I care to admit.

Making Sandwiches

For myself. Don't get excited. And don't get your feathers in a ruffle. I love sandwiches. I choose to not work at Subway because of all the hate I would receive for being the best sandwich artist.


I can't find out anything. Plus I could look at pictures all day long. I encourage the airing of dirty laundry because it entertains me but come on now get it together..

Dining at Concession Stands

I could pretty much live off the food you can get at the movie theater. A lot of people like sneaking in their food, which is great but I thoroughly enjoy breaking the bank with popcorn and cherry coke.

What would you win a gold medal in?

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