Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Film Critic

I just dawned on me that I've seen several movies and haven't told you all about them yet! My apologies. And sense it's awards season and all...

I've gushed many times about my love of MM (Matthew McConaughey) I don't just love him for how amazingly attractive he is, I really do think he's great actor that has really made his place in Hollywood. Whether you like the dude or not if you compare Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with his more recent stuff you can't help but admit the dude has come a long way. Dallas Buyers Club is both heart-wrenching, informative, and funny. I must admit that MM was not the standout in Dallas Buyers Club, that my friends goes to Jared Leto, I was thoroughly impressed.

I didn't like this movie. I know you probably loved it like everyone else but after hour 2 I could not quit rolling my eyes. I mean I get it already the guy liked cocaine and hookers and being out of control and constant debauchery. They could have shaved the 3 hour running time down....A LOT. Acting is of course good and Margot Robbie is very pretty. I'm glad I watched it I guess.

If you are looking for something upbeat, look elsewhere. I liked this movie, it made me kinda sad but I'm not one to feel like all movies should leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. This movie felt very real, and I appreciated that. Plus, the music was mesmerizing. I need to buy the soundtrack.

This movie did have a feel-good vibe. Good story. Beautifully filmed. Sean Penn and Kriten Wiig who are two of my favorites who always stand out star in this film, and what I loved was that they didn't try and steal the movie. I think that's awesome and to me shows a lot of talent. Ben Stiller is goofy and cute like always. This movie is one that you could watch with anybody, your kids, grandma, preacher, and not be embarrassed. I'm not one to be all censored but it is refreshing to see a film like this when so many others seemed to be filled with unnecessary offensiveness.

What's the best movie you've seen?

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