Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BADA BING Big Apple!!

I LOVE to travel! I don't get to as much as I'd like to due to lack of funds. I had an amazing time in NYC the past few days and I have decided that I could totally be a New Yorker if only I was part of the one percent...ya know an heiress or something. I'm working on that. Now, if you want to feel like American royalty for a few hours I highly suggest you attend Sunday brunch at The Waldorf Astoria at some point in your life.

Its $100 per person but very worth it! I enjoyed myself a $100 worth and then some. I justified this feasting on the amount of walking we were doing......."chuckles".

Also, if you are in NYC in the near future be sure to check out Motown the Musical I was dancing the entire time! I think I've mentioned my Broadway infatuation:)

This is turning into a travel blog......ha if I was only so lucky! Back to reality it is which is upcoming swimsuit season. I must say a owe Mother Nature a big one because she has extended winter weather and I do not hate her for it at all!